About the Laura Hare Charitable Trust


The mission of the Laura Hare Charitable Trust is to enhance Indiana’s natural environment through preservation and stewardship of ecologically significant natural areas and the promotion of environmental education, stewardship and awareness initiatives.


The purpose of the Laura Hare Charitable Trust is to preserve the natural environment by acquiring and maintaining ecologically significant undeveloped land, such as swamps, marshes, forests, wilderness tracts, and other natural areas, and maintaining the land for the purpose of preserving it in its natural state. The Trust is especially interested in lands on which public access is allowed, but access may be limited so that the delicate balance of the ecosystem remains undisturbed. The Trust will allow educational and scientific research or study as long as such use will not disrupt the particular ecosystem. To achieve the specific purpose of the Trust, the Trust may make gifts and grants to those charitable organizations which have a primary purpose of preserving the natural environment through land acquisition and protection. In order to be constantly aware of the availability of significant undeveloped areas and environmental education opportunities, the Charitable Trust will work closely with federal, state, and local government agencies and private organizations concerned with environmental conservation. Education and environmental stewardship are areas of secondary interest to the Trust. As such, environmental education, stewardship and awareness programs will be supported. The service area for the Laura Hare Charitable Trust is the State of Indiana. Grants are awarded to eligible not-for-profit organizations with a record of environmental protection, preservation, stewardship, and education and with a primary purpose related to preserving and protecting natural ecologically significant lands.

Crown Hill North Woods Initiative

The Hare Trust is pleased to have been a strong proponent for the protection of the Crown Hill North Woods and worked extensively to help identify alternative sites for the Department of Veterans Affairs Columbaria.  We were pleased when the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and Crown Hill Cemetery announced that they would be undertaking a land swap to exchange the old growth forest parcel purchased by the DVA  for adjacent open lawn area owned by Crown Hill Cemetery.  This is an excellent solution as it served to protect the forest from imminent threat of destruction.

In the days and weeks following the announcement, The Hare Trust reached out repeatedly to the board and administration of Crown Hill Cemetery.  We seek to permanently protect the north woods via purchase from Crown Hill.  This latest fight to protect the Crown Hill North Woods is the third close call and the only way we can prevent the loss of this irreplaceable natural heritage is through permanent protections that the Hare Trust is prepared to undertake. We continue to seek to work with Crown Hill to discuss the future of the woods and remain hopeful that an amicable solution to permanently protect the woods can be reached.

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Trust Offer to Purchase Crown Hill Parcel from VA

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