Grant Application Guidelines


The Trust awards funds in four focus areas:

  • Land Acquisition
  • Environmental Education/Access
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Environmental Stewardship

The Trust is most specifically focused on land acquisition projects with environmental education, restoration and stewardship typically tied to acquisition projects.


The service area for the Laura Hare Charitable Trust is the State of Indiana. Grants are awarded to eligible not-for-profit organizations with a record of environmental protection, preservation, stewardship, and education and with a primary purpose related to preserving and protecting natural ecologically significant lands.


The Trust considers proposals on a quarterly basis but will review pre proposals more frequently. Appropriate pre proposals will be invited to submit full proposals on an individual basis. Full proposals are accepted in February, May, and September.

How To Apply

Pre-Proposal Format:

Please include name of requesting organization, service territory, and organization mission. Include information confirming primary purpose of organization and eligibility as a non-profit organization

One page summary of the support requested based on one of the four focus areas:

  • A = Land Acquisition - Include location, acreage, ecological significance, availability of public access

  • B = Environmental Education/Access - Include program description, service territory, audience, numbers served, demographics

  • C = Environmental Restoration - Include location, acreage, ecological significance, site history,┬ámethods, availability of public access

  • D = Environmental Stewardship - Include project description, need, significance, methods

Email pre proposals to