Dr. Laura Hare Charitable Trust

Dr. Laura Hare was a medical doctor by profession and a naturalist and conservationist by avocation. She loved nature in all of its forms - birds, mammals, and insects and wrote her PhD thesis from the University of Chicago on termites prior to going on to get her medical degree.

She was a life-long member of the National Audubon Society, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Nature Conservancy, and made major contributions to all of these organizations.

Dr. Hare was an avid gardener. To say that she loved her garden is an understatement! She created wonderful habitats for birds, butterflies, raccoons, and squirrels by naturalizing her property with wildflowers and native trees. She never used pesticides or herbicides to rid her lawn of dandelions, instead she spent many hours weeding her grass.

Lolly, as she was known to her friends, was an excellent pianist. She would practice two to three hours a day and took piano lessons well into her late eighties.

China painting was an additional hobby. She painted in winter when she could not work in her garden. All of the subjects related to birds, animals, and flowers. Her hand-painted tiles and plates are truly exquisite.

For many years she took weekly trips to Shades State Park and the Pine Hills Nature Preserve to hike in Sugar Creek looking for fossils with her dogs Engel and Dante.

Dr. Hare was a brilliant and complex person. Throughout her life she was dedicated to education and the environment - preserving nature and sharing her love of it with others.